Organic Chemistry

Synthesis and Configurational Assignment of Vinyl Sulfoximines and Sulfonimidamides


Vinyl sulfones and sulfonamides are valued for their use as electrophilic warheads in covalent protein inhibitors. Conversely, the S(VI) aza-isosteres thereof, vinyl sulfoximines and sulfonimidamides, are far less studied and have yet to be applied to the field of protein bioconjugation. Herein, we report a range of different synthetic methodologies for constructing vinyl sulfoximine and vinyl sulfonimidamide architectures that allows access to new areas of electrophilic chemical space. We demonstrate how late stage functionalization can be applied to these motifs to incorporate alkyne tags, generating fully functionalized probes for future chemical biology applications. Finally, we establish a workflow for determining the absolute configuration of enantioenriched vinyl sulfoximines and sulfonimidamides by comparing experimentally and computationally determined electronic circular dichroism spectra, enabling access to configurationally assigned enantiomeric pairs by separation.


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