A Heavily Substituted Manganite in an Ordered Nanocomposite for Long-Term Energy Applications


The implementation of nano-engineered composite oxides opens up the way towards the development of
a novel class of superior energy materials. Vertically aligned nanocomposites are characterized by a
coherent, dense array of vertical interfaces, which allows for the extension of local effects to the whole
volume of the material. Here, we use such a unique architecture to fabricate highly electrochemically
active nanocomposites of lanthanum strontium manganite and doped ceria with unprecedented stability
and straight applicability as functional layers in solid state energy devices. Direct evidence of synergistic
local effects for enhancing the electrochemical performance, stemming from the highly ordered phase
alternation, is given here for the first time using atom-probe tomography combined with oxygen isotopic
exchange. Interface-induced cationic substitution, enabling lattice stabilization, is presented as the origin
of the observed long-term stability. These findings reveal a novel route for materials nano-engineering
based on the coexistence between local disorder and long-range arrangement.

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