Simultaneously Achieving High Capacity Storage and Multilevel Anti-Counterfeiting Using Electrochromic and Electrofluorochromic Dual-Functional AIE Polymers


With the advent of the big data era, information storage and security are becoming increasingly important. However, high capacity information storage and multilevel anti-counterfeiting are typically difficult to simultaneously achieve. To address this challenge, herein, two electrochromic and electrofluorochromic dual-functional polymers with aggregation-induced emission (AIE) features are skillfully designed. Upon application of voltage, the absorption and fluorescence spectra of the two polymers can undergo reversible changes, accompanying with the variation of appearance color and emission. By utilizing the controllable characteristics of polymers, the dual-mode display devices are fabricated via a simple spraying method. More interestingly, the color code device was elaborately constructed by adding color change multiplexing to two-dimensional space, thereby achieving high capacity information storage. Moreover, the color code device can also be applied in the multilevel anti-counterfeiting areas. The encrypted information can be dynamically converted under different voltages. The AIE polymers show great promise in the applications of multidimensional information storage and dynamic anti-counterfeiting and the design strategy may provide a new path for advanced information storage and high security technology.


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