Zero-field NMR J-Spectroscopy of Organophosphorus Compounds



In this paper, we report the results of theoretical and experimental studies on basic organophosphorus compounds using zero-field NMR, where spin dynamics are investigated in the absence of a magnetic field with the dominant heteronuclear J-coupling. We demonstrate that the zero-field NMR enables distinguishing the chemicals owing to their unique electronic environment even for identical spin systems. Such information can be obtained just in a single measurement, while amplitudes and widths of observed low-field NMR resonances enable to study of processes affecting spin dynamics. An excellent agreement between simulations and measurements of the spectra, particularly in the largest frequency J-couplings range ever reported in zero-field NMR is demonstrated.


Supplementary material

Zero field NMR J Spectroscopy of Organophosphorus Compounds- Supplementary Information