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Titanium-interlayer Mediated Hydroxyapatite Coating on Polyetheretherketone: A Prospective Study in Patients with Single-level Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease


Currently, there are limited reports regarding investigation of the biological properties of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) coated with titanium (Ti) and hydroxyapatite (HA) in human. The objective of this study is to evaluate the in vivo response of the PEEK cages coated with Ti and HA versus uncoated PEEK cages after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) in patients with single-level cervical degenerative disc disease (CDDD). Twenty-four patients with PEEK cages coated with Ti and HA (PEEK/Ti/HA group) were matched one-to-one with patients with uncoated PEEK cages (PEEK group) based on age, gender, and operative segment. All patients had been followed up for more than 2 years. Radiological assessments included intervertebral height (IH), C2-7 angle(C2-7a), segmental alignment (SA), and fusion rate. Clinical parameters included Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and Japanese Orthopedic Association (JOA) scores. There was no statistical difference in SA, IH, and C2-7a between the two groups before and after surgery and all these parameters were restored postoperatively. The fusion rate of PEEK/Ti/HA group was significantly higher than PEEK group at 3-month post-operation (87.5% vs. 62.5%). At the last follow-up, the fusion rate of the both groups achieved 100%. The VAS and JOA scores were comparable between two groups and improved postoperatively. In conclusion, in patients with single-level ACDF, PEEK cage coated with Ti and HA provided a higher fusion rate than uncoated PEEK cage at 3-month post-operation, while both of the two cages could achieve solid osseous fusion at the last follow up. Compared with the uncoated PEEK cage, PEEK/Ti/HA cage yielded similar favorable segmental and overall cervical lordosis, IH, and clinical outcomes after the surgery.


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