Development of a Simple Removable Aliphatic Template for Remote Meta-Selective C−H Functionalization: Experimental and Computational Studies

Gedu Satyanarayana Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad


Herein, we have successfully unveiled a simple and inexpensive removable aliphatic template as an effective DG template in promoting remote meta-C−H olefination of arenes for the first time. Remarkably, the template was achieved in excellent yields in just two steps and without column chromatography purification. The protocol is an efficient, economical and practical approach in achieving meta-C−H olefination in good to excellent isolated yields and high levels of meta-selectivity under mild conditions. A wide variety of substituted arenes and olefin coupling partners are well tolerated in this reaction. Moreover, the aliphatic template is found to be advantageous due to its easy synthesis, easy installation/removal, and recycle. We believe that this strategy offers new opportunities for the future development of new DG templates to promote site-selective C−H functionalizations.


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