Guest Size Limitation in Metal-Organic Framework Crystal-Glass Composites


Metal-organic framework crystal-glass composites (MOF CGCs) have previously been formed by embedding crystalline MIL-53(Al) within a ZIF-62 glass (agZIF-62) matrix. Here we highlight thermal stability considerations in the formation of MOF CGCs, and subsequently report the synthesis of two novel MOF CGCs, by incorporating MIL-118, and UL-MOF-1 within agZIF-62. These new materials, alongside the prototypical MOF CGC formed using MIL-53(Al), were studied using scanning electron microscopy, powder X-ray diffraction, and gas sorption techniques. The gas uptake in composites formed from MIL-118C and UL-MOF-1 is largely dominated by the agZIF-62 matrix, suggesting that to improve the porosity of the MOF CGC, the matrix porosity must be improved, or a percolation threshold must be overcome.


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