Inorganic Chemistry

Aryl-substituted Triarsiranes: Synthesis and Reactivity



Cyclotriarsanes are rare and limited synthetic approaches have hampered reactivity studies on these systems. Described in here is a scalable synthetic protocol towards (AsAr)3 (Ar = Dip, 2,6-iPr2-C6H3; Tip, 2,4,6-iPr3-C6H2), which allowed to study their reactivity towards [Cp2Ti(C2(SiMe3)2], affording titanocene diarsene complexes and towards N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) to give straightforward access to a variety of NHC-arsinidene adducts. The electronic structure of the titanium diarsene complxes has been studied and they are best described as Ti(IV) species with a doubly reduced As2Ar2 ligand. These findings will make (AsAr)3 valuable precursors in the synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry.


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