Materials Science

Cobalt-Iron Alloy Nanoparticles Impregnated Partially Graphitized Carbon Adsorbent from Metallized Bagasse for Organic Pollutants Removal



Here, we report a highly efficient adsorbent obtained from the carbonization of metallized bagasse. The material is characterized using FESEM, HRTEM, PXRD, zeta-potential and VSM techniques. The material shows an impressive adsorbent property for anionic dyes, pharmaceutical (paracetamol) along with commercially used ‘hair dye’. Further, pH triggered adsorption of Methylene orange (MO), Congo red (CR), Amido black (AB), and paracetamol were studied and results show an impressive adsorption capacity of 1102.9, 1253.9, 877.2, 227.8 mg/g respectively. It is seen that under experimental conditions, adsorbent shows ultrafast adsorption kinetics where ~96% AB dye gets adsorbed in just 5 min, 93% of CR adsorption in 5 min and ~89% of MO adsorption in 5 min. Also, we could observe fast adsorption rate for commercially used ‘hair dye’ and paracetamol drug. Interestingly, in just 5 min, 95% of hair dye adsorption is seen and ~84% drug removal with maximum adsorption capacity of , recyclability of the adsorbent demonstrates the practical benefits of the material for waste water remediation.


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