Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Chelating Agent: The Health Protector of Researchers in Lead Halide Perovskite Laboratory



Lead halide perovskites have achieved substantial success in various optoelectronic devices owing to their remarkable physical properties. However, lead (Pb) as a heavy metal, long-lasting toxic to the body has become a health hazard for researchers. How to completely remove the residual lead in the laboratory and prevent lead from entering the human body have always been an important topic in laboratory safety. Here we develop an operable method to treat lead sources with low-cost and eco-friendly chelating agent (EDTA-2Na), which can reduce the concentration of free lead ions to 10-11 ppm theoretically. Moreover, experiments have demonstrated that the chelating agent possess a strong ability on the removal of lead ions from the lab surface, gloves and lab coats. This approach paves the way to protect the health of researchers in lead halide perovskite laboratory.


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