Quantum Dots Ceramic Nano Membrane for Copper Mining Water Treatment, Turning Na2SO4 to NaOH and Pretreatment for Seawater Desalination



This paper reports on performance of ceramic nanofiltration membrane to treat copper mining water, waste salt recycling and purification of seawater. The ceramic filters have α-Al2O3 flat-sheet supporter, with sintered TiO2, Fe2O3, or ZrO2nanoparticles as membrane on the surface of supporter. The membrane has photoluminescence phenomenon when irradiating with UV lamp. It indicates that they are quantum dots material, whose sizes may be between 2-10nm. The Nanofilter can remove more 90% contaminants from copper mining water. It shows good functional stability in the corrosive mining water. It is also able to turn Na2SO4 to NaOH by adding Ca(OH)2. This provides a novel technology to reuse waste salt. The ceramic nanofilter can remove all suspended solid from seawater to ease the subsequent desalination of seawater with reserve osmosis membrane.


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