Analytical Chemistry

Online HPLC Analysis of Buchwald-Hartwig Aminations from Within an Inert Environment



We have developed a reaction monitoring platform capable of automated sampling and online HPLC analysis to generate temporal profiles for reactions performed from within a glovebox. The device allows for facile reaction progress analysis to aid in mechanistic studies of air-sensitive chemical transformations. The platform has demonstrated high reproducibility regarding sample mixing, dilution, delivery, and analysis. We employed the sampling platform to acquire temporal profiles for a series of Buchwald-Hartwig aminations. Parallel coupling reactions using iodobenzene and bromobenzene both exhibit complex kinetics. A competition reaction including both aryl halides demonstrated high selectivity for iodobenzene indicative of catalyst monopoly. The temporal profile for the difunctionalized substrate 1,4-iodobromobenzene was unexpected based a priori and is indicative of a distinct underlying mechanism. We attribute this unanticipated reactivity to intramolecular catalysts transfer through the π system as seen in “living” polymerization transfer catalyst systems. This automated sampling platform has greatly increased mechanistic understanding by performing only a small subset of experiments.


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