Interfacial Electro-Epoxidation in Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Simultaneous Analysis of Negatively and Positively Charged Unsaturated Glycerophospholipids


In this study, we developed an AC-induced interfacial electro-epoxidation reaction for localization of double-bonds in nega-tively and positively charged forms of lipids simultaneously. An AC voltage plays multiple roles in this method, including initiation of the electrochemical epoxidation of double-bonds in both charge states of lipids, and protonation and deprotona-tion of lipid for detection in both ion modes. The advantages of simultaneous detection of negatively changed and positively charged unsaturated lipids, voltage-controlled electrochemical derivatization, and the low sample consumption allow its wide applications in a broad range of lipid-related research.


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