Polymer Science

Towards Automated Monomer Synthesis: A Streamlined Approach for the Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates


Accessing cyclic carbonate monomers on large scales is critical for development of any new carbonate-based material platform. This is particularly important in the context of using automated experimental systems for materials synthesis, which can often require large inputs of starting materials. However, the synthesis of carbonate monomers can be a challenging and tedious endeavor, requiring multiple synthetic steps and purifications. To address this, we report a drastically improved and scalable process for the synthesis of carbonate monomers via a two-step route that avoids the use of hazardous phosgene or chloroformate reagents. The cyclic carbonate monomers can be obtained in high yields and with minimal need for chromatographic purification. This process enables rapid access to a broad array of functional groups on the carbonate monomer and monomers generated from procedure can readily be polymerized via ring-opening polymerization.


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Supplementary material

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Carbonate Monomer Synthesis–Supporting Information