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Conductivity and Photoconductivity of a p-type Organic Semiconductor under Ultra-Strong Coupling


It has been shown that light-matter strong coupling of materials can lead to modified and often improved properties which has stimulated considerable interest. While charge transport can be enhanced in n-type organic semiconductors by coupling the electronic transition and thereby splitting the conduction band into polaritonic states, it is not clear whether the same process can also influence carrier transport in the valence band of p-type semiconductors. Here we demonstrate for the first time that it is indeed possible to enhance both the conductivity and photoconductivity of a p-type semiconductor rr-P3HT that is ultra-strongly coupled to plasmonic modes. It is due to the hybrid light-matter character of the virtual polaritonic excitations affecting the linear-response of the material. Furthermore, in addition to being enhanced, the photoconductivity of rr-P3HT shows modified spectral response due to the formation of the hybrid polaritonic states. This illustrates the potential of engineering the vacuum electromagnetic environment to improve the opto-electronic properties of organic materials.


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