Physical Chemistry

Room Temperature Inter-Dot Coherent Dynamics in Multilayers Quantum Dot Materials


The full blossoming of quantum technologies requires the availability of easy-to-prepare materials where quantum coherences can be effectively initiated, controlled and exploited, preferably at ambient conditions. Solid-state multilayers of colloidally grown quantum dots (QDs) are highly promising for this task because of the possibility of assembling networks of electronically coupled QDs through the modulation of sizes, inter-dot linkers and distances. To usefully probe coherence in these materials, the dynamical characterization of their collective quantum mechanically coupled states is needed. Here we explore by 2D electronic spectroscopy the coherent dynamics of solid-state multilayers of electronically coupled colloidally grown CdSe QDs and complement it by detailed computations. The time evolution of a coherent superposition of states delocalized over more than one QD was captured at ambient conditions. We thus provide important evidence for inter-dot coherences in such solid-state materials, opening up the effective exploitation of these materials towards quantum technologies.

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