Diverse Metal Coordination Center in M-N-C Enabling Different Type of Enzyme-Mimic Reactions


The epoch-making breakthrough of nanoscience has brought new perspective to empolder new generation of nanozymes with enzyme-like structure and further to propel the comprehending of the structure-property relationship. Here, we report that the regulation of metal coordination center in M-N-C nanozymes (M = Fe, Co, Mn, Ni, and Cu) greatly altered their biocatalytic activities so as to selectively drive different types of enzymatic reactions. It was revealed that the intrinsic selectivity in interaction and activation of ROS by different M-Nx was the origin to promote disparate types of enzyme-like reactions. This work would open a new vista of nanozymes to selectively catalyze different types of reactions, enabled by mimicking the molecular structure of natural enzymes and a further modulation.


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