Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Synthetically Accessible Virtual Inventory (SAVI)


We have made available a database of over 1 billion compounds predicted to be easily synthesizable. They have been created by a set of transforms based on an adaptation and extension of the CHMTRN/PATRAN programming languages describing chemical synthesis expert knowledge, which originally stem from the LHASA project. The chemoinformatics toolkit CACTVS was used to apply a total of 53 transforms to about 150,000 readily available building blocks ( Only single-step, two-reactant syntheses were calculated for this database even though the technology can execute multi-step reactions. The possibility to incorporate scoring systems in CHMTRN allowed us to subdivide the database of 1.75 billion compounds in sets according to their predicted synthesizability, with the most-synthesizable class comprising 1.09 billion synthetic products. Properties calculated for all SAVI products show that the database should be well-suited for drug discovery. It is being made publicly available for free download from


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