Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Repurposing of SARS Inhibitors Against COVID 19



Till this date there is no vaccine or drug for coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 which has created a major challenge to stop the spread of disease. Repurposing of a drug could be a solution for this challenge, as many previously available drugs hold great potential to act as a drug molecule. The coronavirus mainly affects the host by binding to its specific receptor with the help of its surface glycoprotein or spike glycoprotein. Thus, interfering this interaction could be a potent mechanism to stop the viral infection and propagation. In this paper, we have discussed about the surface glycoprotein and how previously available drug could be repurposed to act as a potent inhibitor. Homology modelling and docking studies has been mainly done to identify the interaction and binding affinity of previous drugs and how they could act as a potential solution to stop the overall spread of the disease in case of pandemic like COVID-19 where unavailability of specific drug or vaccine is responsible for taking to the lives of many.


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