Natural Heterogeneous Catalysis with Immobilised Oxidase Biocatalysts


Characterisation of immobilised oxidase biocatalysts allowing multifunctional oxidation of valuable chemicals is described. Engineered galactose oxidase (GOase) variants M1 and M3-5, an engineered choline oxidase (AcCO6) and monoamine oxidase (MAO-N D9) displayed long-term stability and reusability over several weeks when covalently attached on solid support, outperforming their free counterparts in terms of stability, resistance to heat, and tolerance to neat organic solvents. While immobilisation of oxidase biocatalysts improves properties that are critical for industrial implementation, they additionally showed versatility as the biocatalyst batches can be recovered, washed and reused multiple times for the oxidation of different substrates.


Supplementary material

Pre print SI 042020