Systemic in Silico Screening in Drug Discovery for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) with an Online Interactive Web Server


The emergence of the new coronavirus (nCoV-19) has brought global impact on human health, whilst the interaction between the virus and the host is the foundation of the disease. The viral genome codes a cluster of proteins, each with a unique function in the event of host invasion or viral development. Under current adverse situation, we employ virtual screening tools in searching for drugs and nature products which have been already deposited in the DrugBank in attempt to accelerate the drug discovery process. This study provides an initial evaluation of current drug candidates from various reports using our systemic in silico drug screening based on structures of viral proteins and human ACE2 receptor. Besides, we built an interactive online platform ( for browsing these results with the visual display of small molecule docked on its potential target protein, without installing any specialized structural software. With continuous maintenance and incorporation of data from laboratory works, it may serve not only as the assessment tool for the new drug discovery but also an educational website to meet general interest from the public.