Materials Science

Near-IR Absorption and Photocurrent Generation Using a First-of-Its-Kind Boron Difluoride Formazanate Non-Fullerene Acceptor


Herein, we report the synthesis and characterization of the first non-fullerene acceptor (NFA) containing a boron difluoride formazanate (BF2fz) core end-capped with N-annulated perylene diimides (PDIs). Electronic coupling between the BF2fz core and the PDI endcaps enabled tuning of the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital, leading to near-panchromatic optical absorption. Post-deposition solvent vapor annealing of the new NFA resulted in a significant red-shift in the optical spectra, which stretched into the near-IR. Proof-of-concept organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices were constructed to demonstrate the potential of this new material as an NFA. SVA treatment of the active layer resulted in a 2-fold increase in power conversion efficiency (PCE), due mainly to increases in the BF2PDI2 generated photocurrent that extended into the near-IR.

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