Fe-N-C Nanozyme with Both Accelerated and Inhibited Biocatalytic Activities Capable of Accessing Drug-Drug Interaction


Emerged as a cost-effective and robust enzyme mimic, nanozymes have drawn increasing attention with broad applications ranging from cancer therapy to biosensing. Developing nanozymes with both accelerated and inhibited biocatalytic properties in a biological context is highly envisioned for perusing more advanced functions of natural enzymes, such as in drug-drug interaction, but remains challenging. By re-visiting the well-known Fe-N-C electrocatalyst that has a heme-like Fe-Nx coordination active center, herein, we report that the Fe-N-C with a minimum graphitization had an even superior cytochrome P450 (CYP)-like biocatalytic activity. Moreover, the drug metabolization by the Fe-N-C upon co-existence of other foods and drugs demonstrated a trend of inhibition similar to CYP, indicating its great potential as a replacement for drug dosing guide and outcome prediction. Beyond boosting the enzyme-like activity, this work would open a new vista of nanozymes with inhibited behavior for keeping up more demanding applications, enabled by further mimicking the molecular structure of enzymes.


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