Physical Chemistry

A Thorough Theoretical Exploration of Intriguing Characteristics of Cyclo[18]carbon: Geometry, Bonding Nature, Aromaticity, Weak Interaction, Reactivity, Excited States, Vibrations, Molecular Dynamics and Various Molecular Properties



Although cyclo[18]carbon has been theoretically and experimentally investigated since long time ago, only very recently it was prepared and directly observed by means of STM/AFM in condensed phase (Kaiser et al., Science, 365, 1299 (2019)). The unique ring structure and dual 18-center π delocalization feature bring a variety of unusual characteristics and properties to the cyclo[18]carbon, which are quite worth to be explored. In this work, we present an extremely comprehensive and detailed investigation on almost all aspects of the cyclo[18]carbon, including (1) Geometric characteristics (2) Bonding nature (3) Electron delocalization and aromaticity (4) Intermolecular interaction (5) Reactivity (6) Electronic excitation and UV/Vis spectrum (7) Molecular vibration and IR/Raman spectrum (8) Molecular dynamics (9) Response to external field (10) Electron ionization, affinity and accompanied process (11) Various molecular properties. We believe that our full characterization of the cyclo[18]carbon will greatly deepen researchers' understanding of this system, and thereby help them to utilize it in practice and design its various valuable derivatives.

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