Luminescent Two-Way Reversible Shape Memory Polymers Based on Hydroxyl-yne Click Polymerization Reaction


Luminescent Two-way reversible shape memory polymers (2W-SMPs) are designed and fabricated by introducing aggregation-induced emission (AIE) unit of tetraphenylethylene (TPE) into semi-crystalline polymer networks via a simple hydroxyl-yne click polymerization under mild conditions. A TPE-free polymer network as control is also prepared using the same polymerization. Both polymer networks are able to perform excellent reversible shape motions, such as bending-unbending, coiling-uncoiling, and closing-blooming, when they are exposed to cool and warm water. A luminescent robotic gripper is designed, which can grab and release weights, and its payload-to-weight ratio is much higher than the ratio possessed by many industrial robotic grippers. Moreover, the double anti-counterfeiting capability of TPE-containing polymer is also demonstrated.


Supplementary material

Movie S1 PCL coiling-uncoiling
Movie S2 PCL-TPE coiling-uncoiliing
Movie S3 PCL-TPE coiling-uncoiling UV light
Movie S4 grasping and releasing capability