Organic Chemistry

Simultaneous Generation of a [2×2] Grid-like Complex and a Linear Double Helicate: A Three-Level Self-Sorting Process

Jean-Marie Lehn Université de Strasbourg- ISIS


Two constitutional dynamic libraries (CDLs)—each containing two amines, two dialdehydes and two metal salts—have been found to self-sort, generating two pairs of imine-based metallosupramolecular architectures sharing no component, a [2×2] grid-like complex and a linear double helicate. These CDLs provided unique examples of a three-level self-sorting process, as only two imine-based ligand constituents, two metal complexes and two architectures were selected during their assembling out of all the possible combinations of their initial components. The metallosupramolecular architectures assembled were characterized by NMR, mass spectroscopy, and X-ray crystallography.


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Supplementary material

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