Band Alignment and Charge Transfer in CsPbBr3-CdSe Nanoplatelet Hybrids Coupled by Molecular Linkers



Controllable interface characteristics are demonstrated at the nanoscale, using two types of semiconducting nanoparticles with nearly identical optical band gaps, CsPbBr3 nanocrystals and CdSe nanoplatelets, capped with molecular linkers. By exploiting chemical recognition of the capping molecules, the two types of nanoparticles are brought into mutual contact, thus initiating spontaneous charge transfer and the formation of a strong junction field. Depending on the choice of capping molecules, the magnitude of the latter field is shown to vary in a broad range, corresponding to an interface potential step as large as circa 1 eV. The band diagram of the system, as well as the emergence of photo-induced charge transfer processes across the interface are studied here by means of optical and photoelectron based spectroscopies. Our results propose an interesting template for generating and harnessing internal built-in fields in heterogeneous nanocrystal solids.


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