Inorganic Chemistry

Tris(pyrazolyl)borate Copper Hydroxide Complexes Featuring Tunable Intramolecular H-bonding



A modular synthesis provides access to a series of new tris(pyrazolyl)borate ligands XpyMeTpK that possess a single functionalized pendant pyridyl (py) or pyrimidyl (pyd) arm designed to engage in tunable intramolecular H-bonding to metal–bound functionalities. To illustrate such H-bonding interactions, a series of [XpyMeTpCu]2(𝜇–OH)2(6a–6e) complexes were synthesized from the corresponding XpyMeTpCu–OAc (5a–5e) complexes. Single crystal X-ray structures of three new dinuclear [XpyMeTpCu]2(𝜇–OH)2complexes reveal H-bonding between the pendant heterocycle and bridging hydroxide ligands while the donor arm engages the copper center in an unusual monomeric DMAPMeTpCu–OH complex. Vibrational studies (IR) of each bridging hydroxide complex reveal reduced 𝜈OH frequencies that tracks with the H-bond accepting ability of the pendant arm.


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Supplementary material

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