Encoding Metal-Cation Arrangements in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Programming the Composition of Electrocatalytically Active Multi-Metal Oxides


In the present contribution, we report how through the use of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) composed of addressable combinations of up to four different metal elements it is possible to program the composition of multi-metal oxides, which are not attainable by other synthetic methodologies. Thus, due to the ability to distribute multiple metal cations at specific locations in the MOF secondary building units it is possible to code and transfer selected metal ratios to multi-metal oxides with novel, desired compositions through a simple calcination process. The demonstration of an enhancement in the electrocatalytic activity of new oxides by pre-adjusting the metal ratios is here reported for the oxygen reduction reaction, for which activity values comparable to commercial Pt/C catalysts are reached, while showing long stability and methanol tolerance.


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