Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Evolving and Nano Data Enabled Machine Intelligence for Chemical Reaction Optimization



Optimizing reaction conditions is an essential routine in synthetic chemistry. However, selecting appropriate experiments remains tightly connected to expert chemistry knowledge. Here, to streamline the reaction yield optimization process and disconnect it from chemical intuition, we developed an adaptive machine intelligence to navigate multidimensional reaction conditions’ spaces. Our approach (LabMate.AI) employs an interpretable algorithm and requires only <0.05% of all search space as input data. LabMate.AI optimizes many reaction parameters simultaneously, and uses minimal computational resources and time. We demonstrate how LabMate.AI can identify optimal conditions for a Ugi and a C–N cross-coupling reaction in a more efficient and faster manner than human experts, while affording reactivity insights. Our approach formalizes chemical intuition, and acquires expert chemistry knowledge autonomously, thereby providing an innovative framework towards informed and automated experiment selection. The results support machine learning for hastening experimental design, democratizing synthetic chemistry, and freeing chemists for non-routine tasks.


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