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Expressing Raman Spectral Details Through Raman Parameter Information Diagram (RAPID)



A handy diagram with name RAPID (Raman parameter information diagram) is proposed here which can be
used for listing spectral parameters associated with a Raman spectrum. It is demonstrated how by drawing
simple shapes like lines, triangles etc, it becomes easy to express various nding in a Raman spectrum like
red- (or blue-) shift, asymmetry, broadening, antiresonance etc. It will also be explained how by following
certain protocols, conveying Raman spectral features becomes easier unambiguously in a pictorial form,
proposed to be called as RAPID" diagram. The proposed diagram will certainly prove to be a good tool in
the eld of Raman spectroscopy. It will be noticed that, though it is proposed for Raman spectra, RAPID
diagram can be used for representing features of any spectra.


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