Gabriel dos Passos Gomes

Graduate Research Assistant
Toronto, ON, Canada
Gabe received his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil under the supervision of Prof. Pierre Mothè Esteves, in 2013. His research at that university was focused on theoretical studies of electrophilic aromatic nitration via single electron transfer and a final project on theoretical/experimental development of methane clathrates inhibitors. He also spent a year at the University of Lisbon, Portugal in an academic exchange researching graphene oxides, with Professor Maria José Lourenço. In Fall 2014, he joined the laboratory of Professor Igor V. Alabugin at the Florida State University as a graduate student, where he also was awarded the LASER Fellowship earlier that year and the 2016-2017 IBM Ph.D Scholarship. His main interested is the interplay between structure and reactivity. For more, check