Andres Castellanos-Gomez

Tenured Scientist (Nanoscience; Nanodevices; Nanostructured Materials - Nanoscience; Plasmonic and Photonic Structures and Devices)

Madrid, Spain

Dr. Andres Catellanos-Gomez explores novel 2D materials and studies their mechanical, electrical and optical properties with special interest on the application of these materials in nanomechanical and optoelectronic devices. Part of his work can be considered as pioneering in the field of 2D materials beyond graphene as he has reported some of the early works on novel 2D materials like MoS2, black phosphorus, TiS3 and franckeite. Among his achievements, his works on strain engineering of 2D semiconductors and on photodetectors based on 2D materials are considered seminal works by the community. He is Tenured-Scientist at CSIC since 2017. He has received numerous awards and honors like the ERC Starting Grant in 2017, he has been selected as one of the Top Ten Spanish Talents of 2017 by the MIT Technology Reviews and he has been shortlisted in the Emerging Investigator Lectureship 2017 of the journals Chemical Communications and Chemical Society Reviews.



Co-workers & collaborators

Riccardo Frisenda

Emilio Pérez

Cristina Navío

Emerson Giovanelli

Luisa R. González

Felix Carrascoso

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