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Violet-Blue Aggregation-Induced Emission Emitters for Non-Doped OLEDs with CIEy Smaller than 0.046

submitted on 08.06.2020, 14:24 and posted on 11.06.2020, 05:58 by Pengbo Han, Chengwei Lin, Dongge Ma, Anjun Qin, Ben Zhong Tang

High emission efficiency and finite molecular conjugation in aggregate state are two desirable features in violet-blue emitters. Aggregation-induced emission luminogens (AIEgens) have surfaced as promising luminescent materials that possess both features. Herein, we report the design and synthesis of a group of violet-blue emissive AIEgens with photoluminescence quantum yield higher than 98% in their film states. When utilizing these AIEgens as non-doped emitting layers, the fabricated organic light-emitting diode exhibit a maximum external quantum efficiency of 4.34% with Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage (CIE) coordinates of (0.159, 0.035), which are amenable to next generation Ultra-high Definition Television (UHDTV) display standard.


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