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dPLA-MOF-manuscript-SI.pdf (6.11 MB)

Upcycling a Plastic Cup: One-Pot Synthesis of Lactate Containing Metal Organic Frameworks from Polylactic Acid

submitted on 25.04.2019, 08:58 and posted on 25.04.2019, 20:34 by Benjamin Slater, So-On Wong, Andrew Duckworth, Andrew J. P. White, Matthew R. Hill, Bradley P. Ladewig

Waste PLA can be upcycled to metal organic frameworks of potential high value in a one-pot synthesis scheme, where PLA depolymerisation occurs in-situ. Three lactate based frameworks were succesfully synthesised and characterised from PLA as a feed source, including homochiral framework ZnBLD. The chiral separation ability of ZnBLD was maintained.

Additional data including the CIF file, the CheckCIF document, and the raw XRD spectra, are available from the Zenodo repository linked below.


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