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8.10.2017. Joanna Kurek Mans+Suppl.pdf (1.18 MB)

Unexpected dimeric form of 17 - hydroxylupanine - MS and crystallographic studies

submitted on 08.10.2017, 08:49 and posted on 10.10.2017, 07:20 by Joanna Kurek, Beata Jasiewicz, Anrdzej Katrusiak
The bis-quinolizidine alkaloids such as sparteine, lupanine and their derivatives are produced by the plants of Leguminoseae family. 17-Hydroksylupanine can be obtained both: naturally (in reaction catalysed by enzyme) and synthetically. Our data demonstrate that 17-hydroxylupanine can exists in dimeric form. It is the first time that one of bisquinolisidine alkaloids exists in the dimeric form in a solid state. A structure of dimeric form was confirmed by EI MS mass spectra and X-ray analysis.



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