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Ultrahigh-Throughput ESI-MS: Sampling Pushed to Six Samples per Second by Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry

submitted on 07.04.2020, 23:18 and posted on 09.04.2020, 10:41 by Tim Häbe, Chang Liu, Tom Covey, Roman P. Simon, Wolfgang Reindl, Frank Büttner, Martin Winter, Daniel Bischoff, Andreas Luippold, Frank Runge

We present an acoustic ejection mass spectrometry (AEMS) setup for ESI-MS based sample

injection at a sampling rate faster than current ESI and MALDI techniques. A modified acoustic

droplet ejection system was combined with an open port interface and a modified ESI source. To

simulate applications of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics analysis and high-throughput

screening campaigns, two stress tests were performed regarding ion suppression and system

endurance in combination with minor sample preparation. Maximum sampling rate was 6 Hz for

dextromethorphan and d3-dextrorphan (each 100 nM) for 1152 injections in 63 s at FWHM of

105 ms and %RSD of 7.7%/7.5% without internal standard correction. Enzyme assay buffer and

crude dog plasma caused signal suppression of 51%/73% at %RSD of 5.7%/6.7% (n = 120) and

stable OPI performance during 1100 injections. An endurance buffer revealed minor OPI pollution

and constant signals for >25.000 injections (%RSD = 8.5%, n = 10,557).


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