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Tyrosinase-Mediated OC of GGY Tagged Proteins - Alan - Francis 2019.pdf (10.4 MB)

Tyrosinase-Mediated Oxidative Coupling of Tyrosine Tags on Peptides and Proteins

submitted on 05.10.2019, 03:01 and posted on 09.10.2019, 20:04 by Alan Marmelstein, Marco Lobba, Casey S. Mogilevsky, Johnathan Maza, Daniel D. Brauer, Matthew Francis
We report a strategy for chemical protein modification by using tyrosinase enzymes to oxidize exposed tyrosine residues on protein N or C-termini. We explore the chemical space for coupling partners in this reaction and find combinations that can proceed in near quantitative conversion. This strategy is used to conjugate a dye onto a Trastuzumab antibody fragment and a Protein L fragment and demonstrate that these constructs can be used as immunostaining reagents.


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