Treatment of COVID-19 patients: Justicia adhatoda leaves extract is a strong remedy for COVID-19 – Case report analysis and docking based study

2020-03-27T12:15:16Z (GMT) by Abhrajit Bag Arijit Bag
To find immediately applicable drug for the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients, a plausible life cycle of this virus is proposed from the analysis of few case reports. On the basis of this proposal and symptomatic similarities few common drug-molecules are tested as protease inhibitor and replicase inhibitor of COVID-19 virus using COVID-19 Docking Server. It is observed that anisotine and vasicoline of Justicia adhatoda and Pemirolast are very good inhibitors. As all these three compounds are market available drugs, immediate clinical trial is plausible which may lead to the golden success against the present pandemic. We prescribed different drugs for different purpose and stages of viral infection.

Key words: COVID-19, Structure of COVID-19, Infection mechanism of COVID-19, Model drugs for COVID-19, Docking study.