Towards Reversible and Moisture Tolerant Aprotic Lithium-Air Batteries

The development of moisture-tolerant, LiOH-based non-aqueous Li-O2 batteries is a promising route to bypassing the inherent limitations caused by the instability of their typical discharge products, LiO2 and Li2O2. The use of the I-/I3- redox couple to mediate the LiOH-based oxygen reduction and oxidation reactions has proven challenging to develop due to the multiple reaction paths induced by the oxidation of I- on cell charging. In this work we demonstrate a reversible LiOH-based Li-O2 battery cycling through a 4 e-/O2 process with low charging overpotential (below 3.5 V vs Li/Li+) by introducing an ionic liquid to a glyme-based electrolyte containing LiI and water. The addition to the ionic liquid increases the oxidizing power of I3-, shifting the charging mechanism from IO-/IO3- formation to O2 evolution




CC BY-NC 4.0