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Total Synthesis of the Brevicidine and Laterocidine Family of Lipopeptide Antibiotics

submitted on 29.01.2021, 07:48 and posted on 01.02.2021, 06:23 by Karol Al-Ayed, Ross D. Ballantine, Zheng Zhong, Yongxin Li, Stephen Cochrane, Nathaniel Martin
Brevicidine and laterocidine are two recently discovered lipopeptide antibiotics with promising antibacterial activity. Possessing a macrocyclic core, multiple positive charges, and a lipidated N-terminus, these lipopeptides exhibit potent and selective activity against Gram-negative pathogens including polymyxin-resistant isolates. Given the low amounts of brevicidine and laterocidine accessible by fermentation of the producing microorganisms, synthetic routes to these lipopeptides present an attractive alternative. We here report the convenient solid-phase syntheses of both brevicidine and laterocidine and confirm their potent anti-Gram-negative activities.


Addressing Antibiotic Resistance: New Strategies for Overcoming the ESKAPE Pathogens

European Research Council

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Synthesis of novel brevicidine and laterocidine analogues active against multi-drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria

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