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The Needle (7) in the Haystack for Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity.docx (179.85 kB)

The Needle in the Haystack for Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity: Negative Nuclear Magnetic Moments

submitted on 21.08.2018, 03:48 and posted on 21.08.2018, 16:25 by Reginald Little
This work outlines a theory for explaining high temperature superconductivity on the basis of relativistic scattering of Cooper pairs via beyond room temperature conditions causing high energy relativistic scattering of Cooper pairs with nuclei having positive and negative nuclear magnetic moments for fractionally reversibly fissing and fusing the nuclei for manifesting in the electronic lattice for altered quantum fields for more tightly binding the Cooper pair beyond the conventional critical temperature 40K limit for superconductivity beyond room temperature.


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