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Targeted Covalent Inhibition of Telomerase

submitted on 22.07.2019 and posted on 23.07.2019 by Rick Betori, Yue Liu, Ding Wu, Rama Mishra, Scott Cohen, Stephen J. Kron, Karl Scheidt

Telomerase is a ribonuceloprotein complex responsible for maintaining telomeres and protecting chromosomal integrity. The human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) is expressed in ~90% of cancer cells where it confers the capacity for limitless proliferation. Along with its established role in telomere lengthening, telomerase also serves non-canonical extra-telomeric roles in oncogenic signaling, resistance to apoptosis, and enhanced DNA damage response. Here, we report a new class of natural product-inspired covalent inhibitors of telomerase that target the catalytic active site. We developed rationally designed probe compounds that modulate both the telomeric and extra-telomeric activities of telomerase and present new opportunities to investigate the diverse functions of this unique molecular machine.


NIGMS T32GM105538

NCI R01 CA217182


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A provisional composition of matter patent for NU-1 and related analogs has been filed.


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