Synthesis of Heavily Hydrated La2NiO4 Through Ion Exchange of Its Fluorinated Derivative: A New Route to the Synthesis of Oxyhydroxide Systems

2020-06-30T10:44:03Z (GMT) by cathryn hancock Peter Slater

In this paper we report the synthesis of heavily hydrated La2NiO4. While prior literature work has shown that under normal conditions La2NiO4 can incorporate very little water, the results here show that samples with high levels (up to 0.6 H2O per formula unit) can be achieved by first fluorinating La2NiO4 and then performing an ion exchange (OH- for F-) under hydrothermal conditions. The success of this work highlights the potential of such anion exchange as a novel route of preparing new metastable hydrated (oxyhydroxide) phases.