Synthesis of Anthradithiophene Containing Conjugated Polymers via a Cross-coupling Strategy

2020-07-24T10:17:03Z (GMT) by Waseem A. Hussain Kyle Plunkett
New conjugated polymers that incorporate dihexylanthradithiophene (DHADT) in the main chain were prepared by Stille and Sonogashira cross-coupling polymerization reactions. The polymerization chemistry is enabled by a soluble 5,11-dibromodihexylanthradithiophene monomer that is capable of cross-coupling reactions. Four readily soluble DHADT containing co-polymers were prepared and characterized experimentally and computationally. These polymers possess HOMO energies of -5.18 eV to -5.43 eV and LUMO energies of -3.0 eV to -2.82 eV. The notable optical features include broad absorption and band gaps ranging from 1.62 eV to 2.15 eV.