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Synthesis and Evaluation of α-Amylase and Lipase Inhibitory Activities of Synthetic Coumarin Derivatives

submitted on 22.02.2019, 14:56 and posted on 25.02.2019, 17:14 by shivaprasad shetty Mangalpady, NV Anil, Anil Kumar HS
This research work involved synthesis of nine Coumarin-hydrazone derivatives and study of their enzyme inhibition activity. The purpose of the study was to investigate the α-amylase and lipase inhibition activity of the synthesized coumarin derivatives. The experiment was performed by taking 5, 10, 50,100 μg/mL of each of the compounds and Acarbose and Orlistat was taken as a positive control. The studies showed that compound 5d (120.6 μM), 5e (111.5 μM) and 5h (124.0 μM) was showing better inhibition activity against α-amylase enzyme, in comparison with the standard (IC50=81.70 μM). The lipase enzyme inhibition revealed that the compounds, 5c (142.3 μM), 5d (82.3 μM) and 5i (93.6 μM) showed better inhibition compared to the standard (IC50=236.4±2.83 μM). The enzyme kinetics study also revealed good results and it has been discussed in the results section.


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