Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphate Doped BaPr1-y(Y/Yb/Tm)yO3-δ

2020-07-23T05:16:00Z (GMT) by Phil Keenan Alaric smith Peter Slater

In this paper we examine the effects of doping phosphate into yttrium, ytterbium, and thulium doped BaPrO3. Through phosphate doping it is possible to achieve high levels of Y/Yb/Tm, and we show that it is possible to completely replace all the Pr with this co-doping strategy, albeit such phases contained small impurities. The samples were analysed through a combination of X-ray diffraction, TGA, Raman spectroscopy and conductivity measurements. Conductivity data indicated that these heavily Y/Yb/Tm doped samples, however, showed lower conductivities than reported for previously for low levels (10-20%) of Y/Yb doping.