Sulfonyl isocyanides RSO2NC

2017-12-20T15:28:38Z (GMT) by Curt Wentrup Horst Briehl
Flash vacuum pyrolysis (FVP) of 5-azido-1-aryltetrazoles results in triple N2 elimination and formation of aryl isocyanides RNC, which rearrange in part to aroylnitriles RCN under the reaction conditions. Similar FVP of 5-azido-1-arenesulfonyltetrazoles generates a compound absorbing in the IR spectrum (77 K) at 2090 cm-1 and assigned the structure of arenesulfonyl isocyanide, ArSO2NC 11. FVP at temperatures above 600 oC results in progressively more nitrile ArSO2CN 12. Compound 11 also disappears on warming above -80 oC