Structural Macrokinetics of Biomimetic Processes in Artificial Cells

2018-07-30T14:04:49Z (GMT) by Oleg Gradov Margaret Gradova
It is known that all cytophysiological processes occur on the cell ultrastructure, which is a heterogeneous (heterophase) medium. So the kinetics of metabolic processes should be considered as a structural macrokinetics of this partially ordered medium (soft matter). Our model reproduces the structural-macrokinetic aspect of a number of metabolic phenomena, based on the physico-chemical analogies with the biological cell. Thus, the semipermeability of bioorganic membranes is simulated by semiconductive polymer inorganic dynamic membranes, exergonic chemoosmotic redox processes are equivalent to cellular respiration, biomimetic self-oscillating reactions are analogues of oscillatory metabolic processes and finally the structure formation in these models is also provided by reaction-diffusion mechanisms.