Stereospecific, Palladium-catalyzed C(sp3)–H Alkenylation and Alkynylation of a Proline Derivative Enabled by 8-Aminoquinoline as a Directing Group

In this preprint, we present our initial results concerning a stereospecific Pd-catalyzed protocol for the C3 alkenylation and alkynylation of a proline derivative carrying the well utilized 8‑aminoquinoline directing group. Efficient C–H alkenylation was achieved with a wide range of vinyl iodides bearing different aliphatic, aromatic and heteroaromatic substituents, to furnish the corresponding C3 alkenylated products in good to high yields. In addition, we were able show that this protocol can also be used to install an alkynyl group into the pyrrolidine scaffold, when a TIPS-protected alkynyl bromide was used as the reaction partner. Furthermore, two different methods for the removal of the 8-aminoquinoline auxiliary are reported, which can enable access to both cis- and trans-configured carboxylic acid building blocks from the C–H alkenylation products.